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Mock Interview
14th March

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28th FEB '10

Mock Interview

Monday, February 22, 2010

Its placement time. Wanna find out how equipped you really are in handling an interview? Which better place to check it out than Maithri '10? Discover your hidden potentials by participating in the mock interview which is loaded with lots of fun and entertainment. This is completely enjoyment-oriented.

What are you waiting for? Get yourselves here and enjoy the best time of your lives.

Event format:

The event consists of 3 rounds namely :-

1st Round: Written test consists of General aptitude, Critique, Analytical ability
Duration: 90 min to 120min

2nd Round: Technical Interview / approx 15 minutes per each candidate, questions will be asked according to their respective standards
1st years: C
2nd years: C, C++, JAVA, ADS
3rd and 4th Years: C, C++, JAVA, DBMS, UNIX, HTML

3rd Round: HR interview.


Name: B Sreeram
Contact: 9985943635

Note: Interviews are conducted by IT professionals from various companies like Infosys, Capgemini etc.

We are trying to impart the skills which would be useful to you in upcoming campus interviews, please co-operate with us and we request every SAHAYAn to attend these interviews and make the best utilize of it.

Please contact Rajsekhar on 9030485859 to confirm your attendance at the interview. If you have any questions to assist you at the interview, please let us know.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


RBRocksite said...
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RajuBushanam said...

Finally the day most awaited by each and every volunteer of SAHAYA was completed successfully.......
Before speaking anything about the Mock Interview event i would like to thank and congratulate each and every core member (Sreeram,Rajasekhar,Dharani,Srikanth,Srinivas,Revathi,Kesavi and dont mind if i miss any of other names).Without their full dedication the event would not be this much successful.
I can directly say without any discrepancies in my mind that the Mock Interview event of MAITHRI2K10 was simply superb,the organizing was perfect at every point.
Coming to my rounds of interview i enjoyed each and every round,to be frank i did not attend any type of interview until now,but here the way the interviewers interacted with us was awesome...

March 14, 2010 at 7:43 AM
RajuBushanam said...

"Complete description of my rounds of interview"
I reached the ZPHS,Kukatpally by 10:40A.M,as the time of start was given as 10:45A.M.All the participants were made to sit in each room according to their branches(myself from EEE).The written exam started exactly at 11:30A.M.The paper contains 50 questions with 1hour time.
Our invigilator is Revathi,she was very strict(HaHaHa).really after seeing the paper i started thinking how to catch hold of Sreeram and give him two strokes on his back(joking),the paper was really of good standard.after completing it at 12:30.We were given another classroom to wait where they will be calling for technical interview..
Here we enjoyed a lot as our batch Dude,the live wire Mr.Shake(haha,he is Mr.Shakeeeeeeeeel)gave out his feelings in a funny manner on the technical interview and the written test,thanks to him really for making all of us to come back to life waiting long time for our turn of technical round.
Finally i got my turn and i was interviewed by Mr.Jagdeesh.I have no words how to thank him,he asked me all the basics of electrical and electronics and no where i felt tense as he is very cool in interacting.He finally said that i have performed well in this part.i felt really happy.
When i am going to the room, Sreeram called me and told to go for HR round and my HR round is done by Sreeram's sister(sorry could not remember her name).She really made me bring my unidentified mistakes i do during interacting with other people,she congratulated me that i have a clear idea about what to do in my future.This point made me more confident in planning my future.I can say all the positive and negative points are clearly acknowledged by me and the cause for it is my HR.Thanks to her really.
After that all of Sahaya members had a small enlightenment by Sreeram's Bava(dont remember his name) and Sowmya madam,how to get through different common questions in an interview.How to face the interviews and all such questions.Thanks to them really we got a great help from their class.
I finally say Thanks to everyone who had worked as well as participated in the Mock Interview.........Have a nice day
"$@H@Y@ ROCKZ"

March 14, 2010 at 8:20 AM
Nabeena said...
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Nabeena said...

Hi guyz.... First of all i congratulate the team of Sahaya. Today's mock interviews can be described in 3 words.... "fun raiser", "celebration" and "SUCCESS". The organisation was perfect at every step. No wastage of time and no inconvenience. It was simply superb. It was great assembly for the volunteers who are going to face the interviews in the coming years. I hope this will 100% help them in their placements. It was good idea by the members. I appreciate it. I had an exhilarating day. It was really a splendid job done by all the team for the past one month. And finally proved that Team Work always Rockz.... And SAHAYA always Rockz and Shines....

March 14, 2010 at 10:59 AM
Nabeena said...

Memories of moments celebrated together…….
Moments that have been attached in hearts, forever…….
Hope this Ugadi brings in Good Fortune & Abounding Happiness for you!
HAPPY Ugadi :-)

March 15, 2010 at 10:52 AM

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